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STEM @Home Activities

In these unprecedented times of school closures and Stay-at-Home notices, Baylor College of Medicine is offering a set of hands-on K-12 activities, grouped by grade level, that will enable parents and children to remain engaged in STEM learning until school operations return to normal. We call this collection STEM @Home. The lessons were selected specifically because they are easy to use at home, and provide high-quality STEM content without the need for specialized training, equipment or materials. We welcome you to investigate our STEM @Home activities, and to explore the entire BioEd Online website for accurate, free STEM educational materials.

Neuroscience: The Learning Brain and BrainLink

The Learning Brain and BrainLink

Neuroscience lessons, teacher guides, expert presentations and student reading materials for a range of grades. 

Information for Educators on Novel Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus Information for Educators

Help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 with helpful information from the CDC and Baylor College of Medicine.

K–3 STEM Foundations — Life Science

K–3 STEM Foundations — Life Science

Get a head start on STEM with interrelated reading/language arts activities and inquiry-based science explorations.