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The Cookie Crumbles: A Case of Sensory Sleuthing

Author(s): Grace Boyle. Illustrated by T Lewis.
The Cookie Crumbles: A Case of Sensory Sleuthing
  • Grades:
  • 3-5 6-8

Synopsis: Josh Kavil receives an unexpected gift—a seemingly new box of cookies containing a mint-condition baseball trading card from Cousin Connie's Cookie Company. But the cookies inside are very stale. Why the discrepancy? The NeuroExplorers use all of their senses to solve the mystery hiding inside the old factory. 

The Cookie Crumbles also features informative science boxes which highlight related topics to discuss, for example, taste buds, loud noises harming cells in the inner ear, receptors in the nervous system, the sense of smell, parts of the eye and the sense of touch. A glossary of health and science terms is provided for student and teacher use.

This book is an integrated component of The Sensory System unit, but it also may be used as a stand-alone reading activity, or with reading/language arts worksheets found in The Sensory System: The Reading Link.

Download: The Cookie Crumbles: A Case of Sensory Sleuthing

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