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Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Barbara Tharp, MS.

From the Label to the Table!

Procedure (cont.)

2. Mention that packaged foods now have uniform labels that provide information about the nutritional value of foods. Distribute copies of the student page.

3. Have students read the label depicted on the student page out loud in their groups. Follow by helping them understand the concepts outlined in the box above.

4. Ask students, What units of measure are mentioned on the label? (cups and grams). Mention that they will be investigating these measures using sugar.

5. Have students, in their groups, follow the instructions on the "Sugar Measures Up" page. They will explore how much sugar is contained in a typical soft drink.

6. Afterwards, ask, Were you surprised about the amount of sugar in one soft drink? How many soft drinks would you need to meet your daily total carbohydrate requirement? Do you think that that would be a good way to fuel your body?

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