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Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Barbara Tharp, MS.

Healthy Snacks

This activity is designed to assess student learning of nutrition and food-related concepts presented in the unit. Examples of the unit topics are listed below. You also may want to repeat the pre-assessment as a post-assessment.

  • Photosynthesis as the source of energy at the base of the food chain 
  • Food webs and the interrelatedness of components in ecosystems 
  • Where food comes from 
  • Choosing a healthy diet 
  • The persistence of certain contaminants (especially heavy metals and compounds, such as pesticides) in the food chain 
  • The contamination of food, especially by bacteria and other microorganisms 
  • Appropriate food-handling techniques to reduce the likelihood of exposure to food-borne parasites or bacterial infections, and to reduce contamination of food by pesticides and other chemicals

Complete instructions for conducting activities in this slide set, including materials needed, setup instructions, student sheets (in English and in Spanish), answer keys and extensions, can be found in The Science of Food Teacher’s Guide, which is available free-of-charge at


1. Distribute a copy of the “What’s Really In There?” student page to each group of students. Explain that they will be using their new knowledge about choosing healthy foods and food preparation.

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