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A Sound Education: Heavy Metal

A Sound Education: Heavy Metal

Metallophones have been used in Asia for thousands of years.
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Remember the xylophone? Greg Vogt, EdD, demonstrates how to build and play a similar instrument, called a metallophone, and explains how other metal objects can be used to investigate the properties of sound. Each activity in this slide set may be used to present a class demonstration, set up as a sound station in the classroom, or conducted as a hands-on lesson student teams. Adjust quantities as needed.

Companion slide set for the presentation, "A Sound Education: Heavy Metal."

Author(s): Gregory L. Vogt, EdD
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A Sound Education: Heavy Metal

Make a Metallophone

Add Foam Pipe Insulation

Prepare the Metal Sections

Assemble the Instrument

How to Make Mallets

Play the Instrument

Chime Time

Chimes Times Two

Sounds of Steel

Musical Flatware

Hanging Around

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