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A Sound Education: Wacky Waves

A Sound Education: Wacky Waves

Slinky® toys easily model sound waves.
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Did you know that sound travels through solids? Greg Vogt, EdD, explains how to make objects to demonstrate how sound travels. Each activity in this slide set may be used to present a class demonstration, set up as a sound station in the classroom, or conducted as a hands-on lesson student teams. Adjust quantities as needed.

Companion slide set for the presentation, "A Sound Education: Wacky Waves."

Author(s): Gregory L. Vogt, EdD
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A Sound Education: Wacky Waves

Modeling Sound Waves

Ambient Sounds

Natural Frequencies

Can Cacophony

A Swinging Time

How to Make a Wooden Mallet

Make a Can-ophone

Test the Can-ophone


Make a Washtub Bass

Play a Washtub Bass

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