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The Pathway to Genomic Medicine

The Pathway to Genomic Medicine

There are more than 80 genes in the purple sea urchin which can be used to model human genes for disease research purposes.
Courtesy of NOAA\Dr. Dwayne Meadows.

Richard Gibbs, PhD, explains genomic medicine and its role in and relationship to genetic research, and outlines how cutting-edge technologies and the study of genetics in human and in different species is transforming our understanding and treatment of human disease.

Companion slide set to the video, "The Pathway to Genomic Medicine."

Author(s): Richard A. Gibbs, PhD
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Sea Urchin Genome Project

Rhesus Monkey Genome Project

The Rhesus Macaque Genome Sequence Informs Evolutionary and Biological Analyses

Utility of Comparative Genomics

Significant Effort Required to “Draft” Sequence a Mammalian Genome

Studies of Copy Number Variation (CNV)

Human Microbiome Project (HMP)

The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

Investigating Somatic Mutations in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Linking Genes to Human Disease

Overall Distribution of Variation: Human Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Exploring Mendelian Disease by “Predictive Genotyping”

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