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The Pathway to Genomic Medicine

Author(s): Richard A. Gibbs, PhD

Technology Enables Advances in Genomic Medicine

Edited Transcript from “The Pathway to Genomic Medicine,” Richard Gibbs, PhD*
Within the framework of genomic medicine, the technology has been critical. That is, every step in the development of the whole model has been enabled constantly by technology. That continues to be the theme. And at each point, the only real reality check we’ve had is to sit back and look and say, “Well, what have we achieved in terms of development of data sets and development of knowledge about individual disease?”

* Notes in this slide presentation are adapted from the transcript of “The Pathway to Genomic Medicine,” a presentation by Richard Gibbs, PhD, given in August 2007, as part of Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Medicine Grand Rounds Human Genetics Symposium.