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Eating in Space: Does Nutrition Matter?

Author(s): Joanne R. Lupton, PhD

Tufts Bed Rest Study

Using the Wolfe bed rest study as our prototype, and keeping the same protocol so that we could compare between studies, a second study was designed and implemented at Tufts University, with Dr. Carmen Castaneda-Sceppa as Principle Investigator. This study expanded on the original project by adding both an exercise component and a timing component (optimal time between ingestion of the supplement and performance of the exercise). The purpose of the study was to determine if an amino acid supplement, plus a resistance exercise program, plus optimized timing of supplement intake to exercise, would have a synergistic effect on muscle atrophy.

Funded by the following grant(s)

National Space Biomedical Research Institute

National Space Biomedical Research Institute

This work was supported by National Space Biomedical Research Institute through NASA cooperative agreement NCC 9-58.