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Science Safety in Elementary Schools

Science Safety in Elementary Schools

Good safety habits are critical in any learning environment, especially during inquiry science investigations. The slides cover key safety concerns and provides tips to help make your science classroom safer.

This slide set originally was provided for teachers in Houston, Texas, and includes local district and state guidelines. While most of this information is widely applicable, be sure always to follow your local, district, and school safety regulations.

Companion slide set for the presentation, "Science Safety in Elementary Schools."

Download Science Safety Scene (activity PDF) for use with this presentation and slide set.

Author(s): Michael Vu, MS
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Science Safety in Elementary Schools

Chemicals and the Classroom

Safety Above All Else

What Is TAC?

What Is and MSDS?

What Is ANSI Z87.1?

Safety First

Science Safety Activity

Science Lab Safety Scenario

Science Safety Activity Results: 1-9

Science Safety Activity Results: 10-18

Science Safety Posters

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