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New Hope for Fading Memories: Alzheimer's Disease

Author(s): Ronald McNeel DrPH

Promising Drug for Treating Alzheimer's Disease: Rember

There is some promising news for sufferers of the life-altering illness, Alzheimer's Disease (AD). The International Conference on Alzheimer's Disease in Chicago (July 2008) reported encouraging results from Phase II Clinical Trials with the drug, Rember, developed by Singapore-based TauRx Therapeutics. A research team from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, led by Professor Claude Wischik, conducted the studies with 321 patients from Britain and Singapore who had mild to moderate AD. After 19 months of treatment, Rember had slowed the progression of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) in the test group by up to 81%, compared to results from the placebo group (who did not receive the drug). Rember seems to target the buildup of the protein, tau, in the nerve cells, thereby slowing the formation of tangles. Phase III Clinical Trials are scheduled to begin in 2009. If they are successful, Rember could be available in 2012. Those suffering from AD-and their family members-look with hope to the near future for research breakthroughs that help to combat this devastating disease.

For more information about the stages of a clinical trial, please see Clinical (