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5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science

5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science

Nancy Moreno, PhD, presents an overview and describes the benefits of the “5-E” teaching model, while providing keys for successfully incorporating this model into inquiry science teaching.

Companion slide set for the presentation, "5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science."

Author(s): David R. Caprette, PhD
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Amedeo Avogadro and the Mole

Natural Selection

Sexual Selection

Mendel's Model of Particulate Inheritance

Why Do We Classify Organisms?

Kingdoms and Domains

Strategies to Conserve Muscle Mass

SPACE CYCLE: A Human-Powered Centrifuge and Hypergravity Exercise Gym

Examining the Timeline


Sympatric Speciation

Molecular Methods of Gene Identification and Manipulation, and Diagnostic Testing

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