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About Us

Welcome to BioEd Online, the online educational resource for educators, learners, and parents. BioEd Online uses state-of-the-art technology to give you instant access to reliable, cutting-edge information and educational tools for biology and related subjects. Our goal is to provide useful, accurate, and current information and materials that build upon and enhance the skills and knowledge of science educators. 


BioEd Online is a premier source for quality educational materials relating to science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and medicine (STEMM), specifically health and biomedical sciences. BioEd Online content is standards based, interdisciplinary, experiential, and experimental. Learners engage in science-based disciplinary literacies, science inquiry, and real-world hand-on science investigations that put the STEMM in education. Developed under the guidance of our expert Editorial Board, BioEd Online offers the following high-quality resources.     

Streaming Video Presentations

View timely presentations given by thought leaders on education in biology and related subjects, classroom management, science standards, and other issues in education. Presentation topics include content reviews for prospective biology teachers, content updates for experienced teachers, research lab technique demonstrations, inquiry science, and assessment. In addition, BioEd Online offers helpful presentations for teachers in training as they prepare for the classroom experience.

Slide Library

Customize exciting and relevant lesson plans and activities from hundreds of searchable slides developed by our Editorial Board and contributors. The slide library is updated regularly. Each slide is complete with talking points and references and can be downloaded into your own PowerPoint® program for personal educational use.

Individual Lessons by Topic, Teacher's Guides, and Complete Teaching Resources

Download free, inquiry-based, hands-on activities, student storybooks and magazines, and student worksheets (PDF format), created by scientists and educators at Baylor College of Medicine. Each activity is aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

Editors’ News and Announcements

Stay current with science news selected by our Editorial Board. Check back each week for new science stories and related discussion questions to complement your ongoing science activities, and to stimulate an exchange of ideas in your classroom. All Editors' Picks are maintained in our archive for easy access whenever you need them.

BioEd Online is regularly updated with pertinent new slides in the slide library, presentations on breakthrough research, reviews, and virtual workshops on educational approaches and materials. Stay current with the latest research from top educators in the country by bookmarking BioEd Online for later use!