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Photo © Thodsaphol Tamklang.

Physical Science (air, gases, air composition, air movement and temperature); Life Science (air in the body, vital lung capacity, exercise and breathing rate); Environmental Science and Health (air particles and concentrations, dust, mold, indoor air pollution, allergies)

  • What Is Air? (pre-assessment)

    What Is Air (pre-assessment)Lesson

    Students complete a pre-assessment to gauge their knowledge related to air, gases, breathing and respiration, indoor air, and environmental health.

  • Gases Matter

    Gases MatterLesson

    Students are introduced to the concept of gases. If students already have explored this topic, the lesson may be used as a review.

  • About Air

    About AirLesson

    Students use different colors of popcorn to model the composition of air.

  • Moving Air

    Moving AirLesson

    Students observe how changing the temperature affects a small amount of air inside of a bubble.

  • Breathing Machine

    Breathing MachineLesson

    Students create a model that approximates how the lungs, chest, and diaphragm interact during breathing.

  • Lungometer: Vital Lung Capacity

    Lungometer: Vital Lung CapacityLesson

    Students gauge their own vital lung capacity—the amount of air that can be forced out of the lungs in a single breath.

  • Heart and Lungs

    Heart and LungsLesson

    Students learn how to measure their breathing and pulse rates, and they explore the impact of physical activity on their measurements.

  • Dust Catchers

    Dust CatchersLesson

    Students make a simple device to collect particles from the air at home or in the classroom.

  • Fungus Among Us

    Fungus among UsLesson

    Students grow and observe bread mold and other kinds of common fungi.

  • There's Something in the Air

    There's Something in the AirLesson

    To model the movement of pollutants through the air and particle concentration, students compare the dispersal of odors, both inside and outdoors.

  • Healthy Homes (post-assessment)

    Healthy Homes (post-assessment)Lesson

    Students complete a post-assessment to demonstrate what they have learned about air composition, breathing, indoor and outdoor air quality, and other subjects covered in this series of lessons.