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Photo © Shvadchak Vasyl.

Physical Science (soil, components of soil, soil texture); Life Science (seeds, plants, plant growth, photosynthesis, edible plant parts, food webs, ecosystems, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, decomposer, nutrients, digestion); Environmental Science and Health (pollution in food, bacteria, food labels, food safety, bioaccumulation)

  • What's That Food? (pre-assessment)

    What's That Food? (pre-assessment)Lesson

    Students observe and describe samples of different food groups. This activity can be used as a pre-assessment of students' knowledge about food and nutritional needs.

  • What Is Soil Made Of?

    What Is Soil Made Of?Lesson

    Students explore a sample of natural soil by identifying and separating its different components.

  • Do Plants Need Light?

    Do Plants Need Light?Lesson

    Students learn about plant growth and development by conducting an experiment that demonstrates the importance of light to plants.

  • Plant Parts You Eat

    Plant Parts You EatLesson

    Students observe and investigate different plant-originated foods and learn about plant parts.

  • Food Webs

    Food WebsLesson

    Students construct possible food webs for six different ecosystems and learn about producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores, and decomposers.

  • Digestion


    Students learn about digestion and proteins by observing the action of meat tenderizer on luncheon meat.

  • Bio Build-up

    Bio Build-upLesson

    Students make a simple model food chain and observe how toxins can accumulate in consumers at the top of the chain.

  • They're Everywhere: Bacteria

    They're Everywhere: BacteriaLesson

    Students grow bacteria collected from a variety of locations and compare the results.

  • Using Food Labels

    Using Food LabelsLesson

    Students learn about food labels, healthful eating, and units of measurement commonly used on food labels.

  • Safe Food Preparation

    Safe Food PreparationLesson

    Students learn about safe food preparation by making fruit ice cream in class.

  • Healthy Snacks (post-assessment)

    Healthy Snacks (post-assessment)Lesson

    Students rank food labels to indicate which foods are most and least healthful and justify their rankings. Students also suggest ways to prevent snacks from spoiling.