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Human Organism

Human Organism

Cells, tissues, organs, body systems, human body, human physiology, health and wellness, diseases, sleep and performance, human nutrition

  • Brain and Behavior

    Brain and BehaviorLessons

    Nervous system, brain, senses, movement, components of the nervous system, neurotransmission, learning and memory, drugs, diseases of the nervous system, instincts

  • Digestive System

    Digestive SystemLessons

    Digestive system, digestion, stomach, small intestine, large intestines, bacteria, saliva, enzymes

  • Fitness and Physical Activity

    Fitness and Physical ActivityLessons

    Exercise, physical activities and fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular health, center of gravity, human body ratios, BMI, calories and energy, nutrition

  • Food: Nutrition and Energy

    Food: Nutrition and EnergyLessons

    Food, food types, food/energy sources, energy, Calorie, nutrients, nutrition, diet, Nutrition Facts Label, serving sizes, menu, food choices, BMR, exercise, strength, increasing endurance

  • Heart and Circulation

    Heart and CirculationLessons

    Structure of the heart and circulatory system, aorta, arteries, vena cavas, veins, capillaries, blood volume and pathways, dispersion, pulse, blood pressure, radial pulse point, exercise

  • Immune System and Disease

    Immune System and DiseaseLessons

    Immune system, white blood cell, leukocyte, inflammation, phagocytosis, B cell, T cell, antibody, autoimmunity, autoimmune disease, cancer, HIV, AIDS, immunity, antigen, infection

  • Integumentary System (skin)

    Integumentary System (skin)Lessons

    Skin, hair, nails, sense of touch, sensory receptors (touch, pain, pressure, heat, cold), protects internal organs and tissues, body temperature regulation, homeostasis, new cells form to repair minor injuries

  • Muscles and Bones

    Muscles and BonesLessons

    Skeleton, endoskeletons, vertebrates, bone, bone structure, joints, ligaments, cartilage, muscle, muscle fibers, center of gravity, stress, resistance, calcium, effects of gravity

  • Respiratory System

    Respiratory SystemLessons

    Air, lungs, chest, diaphragm, breathing, air movement into and out of the lungs, vital lung capacity, lung model, effects of exercise on breathing and heart rate

  • Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

    Sleep and Circadian RhythmsLessons

    Sleep patterns, circadian rhythm, biological clock, external triggers/cues, effects of lack of sleep, animal/plant behavior(s), Sun, Earth's rotation, day/night, seasons, sleep and microgravity

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