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Heart and Circulation

Heart and Circulation

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Structure of the heart and circulatory system, aorta, arteries, vena cavas, veins, capillaries, blood volume and pathways, dispersion, pulse, blood pressure, radial pulse point, exercise

  • What Do You Know About the Heart? (assessments)

    What Do You Know About the Heart? (assessments)Lesson

    To gauge their understanding of the heart and circulatory system, students take a pre-assessment, which will be revisited during post-assessment.

  • A System of Transport

    A System of TransportLesson

    Students work in teams to simulate the movement of blood through the circulatory system by transferring liquid into—and through—a series of containers.

  • Why Circulate?

    Why Circulate?Lesson

    Students investigate and draw conclusions about the movement of dissolved substances, and about the importance of organisms’ internal transport systems.

  • It Begins with the Heart

    It Begins with the HeartLesson

    Students learn basic information about the heart, its role in circulation, and its external appearance.

  • The Heart is a Pump

    The Heart is a PumpLesson

    Students learn about the internal structures of the heart, and the roles these structures play in circulating blood to the lungs and the rest of the body.

  • Examining the Heart

    Examining the HeartLesson

    Students examine sheep or chicken hearts to learn about heart structure and the flow of blood through the heart.

  • Heart Rate and Exercise

    Heart Rate and ExerciseLesson

    Students measure and compare their heart rates before and after a variety of physical activities, and also compare their heart rates to those of other students in their groups.

  • What Is Blood Pressure?

    What Is Blood Pressure?Lesson

    Students measure their own blood pressure and learn about the health effects of high blood pressure.

  • Challenge of Microgravity

    Challenge of MicrogravityLesson

    Students use water balloons to simulate and investigate the effects of gravity and microgravity on the distribution of fluid in the body.

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