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Train Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Learned Behaviors

Author(s): Gregory Vogt, Ed.D., Barbara Tharp, M.S., Christopher Burnett, B.A., and Nancy Moreno, Ph.D.
Train Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Learned Behaviors

How do we learn and remember things? Students investigate behaviors that occur without conscious thought, and as well as skills that can be acquired or improved. Through the following series of hands-on activities, students also learn about connections between the brain, central nervous system and well-learned memories.

  1. What Makes You, You? - Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors

  2. Amazing Learned Behaviors - Memory and Learning

  3. Where It All Happens - The Brain Model

  4. Which Side Are You On? - Laterality

  5. Think Fast - Reflexes and Well-learned Movements

  6. The Ball and Cup - Training Your Brain

  7. Getting Shifty - Vision Shifting Goggles

  8. Juggle Your Brain - More Training

  9. More Than Five - The Senses

  10. Are You Well Balanced? - Balance and Movement

  11. A Talent Improvement Plan - Have You Trained Your Brain?

The activities are appropriate for upper elementary and lower middle school students, but are easily adaptable for other grade levels.

Note: This publication is the field-test version. Results from the field-test, currently under review, may alter the final contents of the guide.

Download: Train Your Brain