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Danger at Rocky River: A Memorable Misadventure

Author(s): Dane Chetkovich. Illustrated by T Lewis.
Danger at Rocky River: A Memorable Misadventure

Danger at Rocky River presents the escapades of the NeuroExplorers Club in an illustrated storybook that also teaches science and health concepts.

Synopsis: The NeuroExplorers discover their friend Max’s grandfather has Alzheimer's disease. When they arrive to visit, they learn Rocky River is rising—and Max’s grandfather is missing! Will the NeuroExplorers find Max’s Grandpa in time?

Danger at Rocky River features informative science boxes that highlight related discussion topics, such as how we learn, kinds of memories, areas of the brain that are important for processing memories, and how Alzheimer's disease affects people. A glossary of health and science terms is included.

This book is an integrated component of the Memory and Learning unit, but it also may be used as a stand-alone reading activity, or with reading/language arts worksheets found in Memory and Learning: The Reading Link.

Download: Danger at Rocky River: A Memorable Misadventure

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Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Grant Number: R25 RR09833