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Classroom Slides

Classroom Slides

Teaching slide sets that support individual activities and teacher's guides found on BioEd Online. All slide sets are freely available for download as either individual slides or a complete set.

To access the slides, click on a title below or choose a title from the “Classroom Slides” menu to the right. If you have questions about how to use the slide sets, visit the Help/FAQ link below or contact us directly.

  • Brain and Behavior

    Brain and BehaviorSlide Sets

    Nervous system, brain, senses, movement, neurotransmission, learning and memory, drugs, diseases of the nervous system, instincts, plasticity, receptor

  • COVID-19


    A collection of COVID-19 classroom slides for grades K-12.

  • Ecology

    EcologySlide Sets

    Ecosystems, communities, populations, cycles of matter and energy, energy transfer (food chains and webs), soil science, global environmental issues, conservation, environmental health

  • Engineering and Design

    Engineering and DesignSlide Sets

    Using scientific principles to invent, design, develop, test, refine, build, maintain and improve structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes, in order to produce solutions and/or products.

  • Forces and Motion

    Forces and MotionSlide Sets

    Mass, acceleration, change, momentum, Newton's laws, push, pull, friction, kinetic, potential

  • Genetics and Inheritance

    Genetics and Inheritance

    Patterns of inheritance, Mendelian genetics, variation of traits, pedigrees

  • Human Organism

    Human OrganismSlide Sets

    Human body, organs, body systems, human physiology, health and wellness

  • Microorganisms

    MicroorganismsSlide Sets

    Bacteria, archaebacteria, fungi, protists, algae, viruses, infectious diseases, helpful microorganisms, microbiome

  • Waves and Electromagnetic Radiation

    Waves and Electromagnetic RadiationSlide Sets

    Light, speed, frequency, wavelength, reflection, refraction, transmission, resonance, phase, absorption, spectrum