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Tools and Techniques

Tools and Techniques

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Introduction to science laboratory tools, techniques and best practices.

  • Measuring and Counting with a Light Microscope

    Measuring and Counting with a Light MicroscopeSlide Set

    Learn how to calibrate a light microscope for measurement, how to estimate field diameter, and how to count the number of objects in a single field.

  • Tools and Equipment of Science

    Tools and Equipment of ScienceSlide Set

    Barbara Tharp, MS, discusses the tools and equipment needed by elementary students for them to engage in hands-on inquiry science.

  • Using a Bright Field Light Microscope

    Using a Bright Field Light MicroscopeSlide Set

    Learn the steps required to view a specimen in a bright field light microscope, including proper slide mounting, adjusting the condenser and oculars, finding a target, working up in magnification and adjusting for the thickness of a specimen.

  • Using a Micropipettor

    Using a MicropipettorSlide Set

    Laboratory investigators use micropipettors to measure liquids precisely in microliters. This slide set covers the parts of a micropipetter and proper techniques for using one.

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