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Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12

High school students are beginning to investigate many topics in depth online and through their courses. Choose from a variety of engaging learning experiences like easy reading materials that break down difficult complex concepts, career explorations, experiments, and a rescue mission.


Thumbnail Image for Portrait of a Killer

Portrait of a Killer

What does a virus particle look like? This activity provides a template to build a 3D paper model of the HIV virus. Focus on pages 1 (brief article) and 2-5 (activity).

Thumbnail Image for The Varied Paths of Health Professionals

The Varied Paths of Health Professionals

Read interviews of health professionals from many careers, and gain insight about the careers and what it takes to be in those careers. You will likely discover there are more options than you imagine in health careers.

Thumbnail Image for Bio Talks: Your Brain Is You!

Bio Talks: Your Brain Is You!

Explore a series of fascinating, down-to-Earth videos about how the brain works. Learn how this complex, often misunderstood organ, defines each one of us.

Thumbnail Image for A Rescue Mission to Save Lives

A Rescue Mission to Save Lives

Read about a family struggling to survive the sudden typhoon that hit the Philippines in an e-book, “A Storm Named Yolanda.” Then, use problem solving skills, knowledge gained, and google earth to rescue victims in the aftermath of the typhoon.

Thumbnail Image for Butterflies in Space

Butterflies in Space

Did you know that a variety of organisms have lived on the International Space Station? Follow the life cycle of painted lady butterflies in this set of videos and photographs. You even can use the video archives to investigate your own questions about the development of butterflies from caterpillar to adult.

Thumbnail Image for How fatigued are you?

How fatigued are you?

Does the amount of sleep you get affect your fatigue level? Try going to sleep one hour earlier and then fill out the activity reflection sheet to report how you feel the next day. Also, hear about tests done in space through a podcast and read about some safe and easy ways you might measure fatigue at home.