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Matter and Energy Flow

Matter and Energy Flow

Materials, properties of matter, phases (solid, liquid, gases); energy flow, including processes in living systems (respiration, fermentation, photosynthesis, energy reactions in cells)

  • Density


    Explore the relative density of solids, liquids, and gases, and learn techniques for measuring the density and volume of common objects.

  • Float and Sink

    Float and SinkVideo

    What causes an object to float or sink? Discover how density and shape impact an object's bouyancy, and why this is important in our daily lives.

  • Mass


    Mass and weight are related science concepts that often are confused or misunderstood. What is the difference between them? What role does gravity play in determining an object’s weight or mass? Watch this video for a helpful, entertaining explanation.

  • States of Matter

    States of MatterVideo

    Basic information about the nature of matter, the different forms it can take, and the characteristics of each state. This video also discusses how matter changes from one state to another.